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Going beyond materialistic limits by XxDiaLinnxX Going beyond materialistic limits by XxDiaLinnxX
Intelligent Design (ID) is what I consider to be a "philosophical science". This means that it doesn't just solely observe natural phenomenon, but it also looks into the deeper aspects that go further than normal science such as why things happen the way they happen, focusing on the aspect that a designer had created the organic, chemical, and astronomical systems in and around us. I have a hunch that ID has only begun to tap into this study and I think it still has alot more to discover, which I am very much looking forward to.

It's amazing how people and even Wikipedia want to attack it and say it's not a SCIENCE because it's "falsible and deals with the non-natural causes." (Also, did they forget that so called falsifiable science can STILL be science even if it is considered to be wrong?)
And you know what? If someone tells me that I can't examine something I can't see, that just shows me exactly what science is to them: it's not a tool, it's a safety belt for them to sit behind so they can stay safe and comfy behind materialistic expectations and analysis. Nothing prevents science from considering non-natural causes, it only analyzes what is there in front of you. I swear, it's amazing how often people (even professionals) are afraid or simply unwilling to look past these expectations and dare to think that maybe there is something bigger. Even downright reject the findings they bring up. They don't realize that they themselves are treating science like a religious dogma, when often more than not they try using it against religious dogma.

Ohhhh the irony.

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December 6, 2012
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